Class of 2019: Who Owns the Ice House?

An entrepreneurial mindset can empower ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

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About the Book

Pulitzer nominee Clifton Taulbert explains the secrets of the “entrepreneurial mindset” that he learned from his Uncle Cleve, outlining eight life lessons that can help anyone achieve success.

Read this Forbes article for more information about the entrepreneurial mindset.

Why Read Who Owns the Ice House?

As students begin planning their senior projects during their junior year, we hope that the book’s message will inspire and empower students to challenge themselves! The senior project isn’t just a graduation’s an opportunity for all students to achieve something meaningful: to attain personal goals, learn new skills, or solve a problem in their community...and the entrepreneurial mindset described in Who Owns the Ice House provides the perfect roadmap for imagining and achieving great things!

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To read more about the senior project and what it involves, check out the senior project web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my book?

  • Unfortunately, no. All One Book, One Helix books belong to Helix Charter High School. You will be required to return your book on the designated return day.

Can I write in my book?

  • No, you may not. Because these books belong to Helix and we would like to use them again, please do not write in your book. If you want to take notes, highlight quotes, or use other active reading strategies, please use sticky notes, index cards, or other non-permanent devices to do so.

Will I be graded on Who Owns the Ice House?

  • All students are expected to read the book and complete the Summer Assignment, which will be due by Advisory class on August 16th.
  • In your English class, be prepared to write about the rhetorical strategies used throughout the book. Some questions to consider as you read:
    • Who is the target audience?
    • In what context is the author writing?
    • What is the author’s background? What makes him credible?
    • What is the author’s purpose for writing this book?
    • What are the author’s most compelling arguments or evidence?

I am confused about an assignment or the book itself. Where can I ask questions?

What if I have lost my copy of the Who Owns the Ice House book?

  • Please contact the school librarian, Christina Potter ([email protected]) in the case of a missing or lost book.

Where can I find more about the entrepreneurial mindset?

  • There are additional resources here

Summer Assignment

All incoming Juniors are expected to submit their Summer Assignment by Advisory class on Wed. August 16th. Complete instructions, including examples and all necessary materials, are below.

As you read:

  • Think about how you can apply an “entrepreneurial mindset” to your own life. What could you do, for a senior project, that would help you create something amazing, learn a new skill, or benefit your community?

  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset isn’t just about starting a business, or coming up with a new product or service. It’s about recognizing opportunity, setting goals, and taking the necessary steps to achieve success. This is exactly what the Helix Senior Project is all about.

  • Your senior project is your chance to make something happen. To do or learn or make something YOU want to do. To pursue an interest, take a step toward your future goals, or help solve a problem you’ve seen in your community.

  • What is it YOU want to achieve?

    After you’ve finished the book:

    Now that you’ve read about the “entrepreneurial mindset” that’s allowed Uncle Cleve, Clifton, and countless others to reach their goals and achieve success, take some time to reflect on how you can apply this mindset to your own life.

    1. Go to the reflection template and do "File" -> "Make a Copy" to save into your Drive. Title the document “Ice House Part 1 - Your Name” (ex. “Ice House Part 1 - Scottie McStudent”)

    2. On your copy of the document, answer the following questions. Your responses don’t need to be long, but they should be thoughtful.

    Click here to open the reflection template.

    Using Google Drawings, create an “Idea Board,” brainstorming ideas for a senior project. Think about:

    • A problem or need in your community that you’d like to address.  
    • A skill that you’d like to learn, or a goal you’d like to achieve.
    • An artistic or literary product or performance, something you'd like to teach or coach others to learn or do, a personal athletic achievement you'd like to achieve, a competition you'd like to enter, a computing, engineering, automotive, or construction project, etc.

    Your Idea Board should include:

    • The problem you'd like to solve / project you'd like to do
    • What you'd need to learn in order to achieve this
    • Who in your "network" might be able to help you succeed
    • An approximate cost of making your idea a reality

    Let the Ice House be your inspiration - what could you do with the opportunity of your senior project?

    Looking for senior project ideas? Check out these suggestions from members of the Helix community and this video for advice from this year's seniors.

    Take a look at some of these Sample Idea Boards to get ideas:

    How can you use this opportunity to make a difference, or to advance your future goals?

    Questions about the summer assignment? Please contact:

    Optional: Summer Webinar Series by Nate Howard/Movement BE

    Join Nate Howard for an 8-session webinar series to reflect on the book, ask questions, and finish your summer assignment in a fun and collaborative way. Can’t attend live? Sign up now and watch later on “replay.”

    Sign up!

    Additional Resources

    We have listed links to videos, articles, and blogs to help you better understand the book.