The library is a 21st Century learning center dedicated to providing a variety of resources to Helix students, staff, and families. As part of our mission to offer students access to modern technology and resources, we recently added the EDGE Maker Lab to our library facility, giving students and staff access to such equipment as 3D printers, vinyl cutters, robotics, electronics, a t-shirt press, and a laser cutter. 

For more information about the EDGE Lab, our mini-courses, workshops, and Aspire program, please visit our EDGE Lab website!  


Library Hours: 

Mon/Thurs/Fri:        7:15-3:15 

Tue:                        7:30 - 2:30 

Wed:                       7:30 - 3:15      

Students are always welcome in the library before school, at break, and at lunch. 

To use the library during class, students must either


Library Staff:

Librarian:                        Mrs. Potter

Library Aide:                   Mrs. Crabtree 

EDGE Lab Facilitator:     Mr. Torres

ID Technician:                 Ms. Potnaya


Checking Out Books: 

ID Cards: 

Every student will receive an ID card, plastic sleeve, and lanyard at the start of the school year. If you forget your ID at home, you may see Ms. Portnaya in the library to get a temporary ID (sticker) for the day. If you lose your ID and need to purchase another, it costs $3 for a replacement print, and $1 for a replacement lanyard. 


Library Equipment / Resources: 


EDGE Lab Equipment / Resources: 

(please see the EDGE Lab website for a complete list of equipment!)