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Call to Action - Soph English

Researching Your Issue: 

Gather background information. history, causes, effects, and what other people / groups are already doing to change / prevent / reduce this issue. 

For thorough, unbiased overviews of hundreds of controversial issues, try these subscription services first... 

 Issues & Controversies 
 EBSCO Points of View 


Take notes as you read. Write down key terms, dates, names, legislation, etc. Then, use these notes to generate questions & search terms for further research. What questions do you still have? What more do you need to find out, in order to build a convincing argument / call to action? 


Continue your research: There are a lot of good sources of information to choose from....and a lot of not-so-good ones, too. Check out this video for tips on evaluating authority / credibility. 

Subscription Services: Sources included in Helix's subscription services have been reviewed by editors for credibility. When searching these databases, use KEYWORDS only (no "little" words)...and pay attention to date of publication (is the info current, or outdated?) 

    EBSCO Explora Secondary Schools (magazines, newspapers, journals) 

    JSTOR  (scholarly journals, peer-reviewed journals) 


Credible News Sources: this is just a sample list; there are many more credible sources of news online. To guard against untrue, misleading, or heavily biased information, review these tips


Google Searchesresearching controversial issues online means navigating a lot of one-sided, biased, and potentially misleading information. If you've never heard of an organization / publication / website, Google it to find out more about it.  Fact-check your information on multiple sources, or on sites like Factcheck.org or PolitiFact

    For Google Search Tips & Tricks, click here!  Or, check out this video: "Google Like a Pro"


Finding a Government Agency / Non-Government Organization (NGO) to Write To

La Mesa City Government - by Dept

San Diego County Government - by Dept 

California State Government - by Dept

U.S. Government - by Dept

Worldwide NGO Directory